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'Conservative' WaPo Reporter on Same Page as Leftmedia Regarding Ted Cruz

I wrote about this here earlier today.

The gist of the coverage from the mainstream to the fringe left was all the same: Cruz is doing it for Cruz and it is pointless (they were hitting the thesauri hard to find different ways to say the latter).


Here is what the self (and employer) proclaimed “Conservative blogger” at WaPo had to say about Milbank’s hit job:

One could dismiss this as a case of Rubin simply being a company woman but that shouldn’t be a consideration when writing about politics.

Praising Milbank is one thing, but Rubin is one of maybe two people in America who call themselves conservative who can still stand John McCain.

As I said on Twitter earlier, when the MSM says “conservative” in a story, it’s pejorative. When it refers to an employee as such, it’s a lie.


There’s very good money in being a Republican-bashing Republican for the major MSM outlets (David Gergen wakes up belching digs about Ronald Reagan because he knows it will get him on camera faster). Most of them are very adept at throwing just enough material out that isn’t objectionable that more sincere conservatives won’t roundly denounce them.

That’s gotta stop.

Jennifer Rubin and her ilk need to be roundly mocked and dismissed by all hardworking right-of-center media (old and new) types. Let’s call them the “McCain Wing” of the GOP.

And let’s run them out.

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