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In Other News: The Idiot King's 'Favorite General' Loses His Security Clearance

BRILLIANT second term, so far.

Retired Marine Gen. James “Hoss” Cartwright has reportedly lost his security clearance as an investigation into his involvement in national security leaks continues, Foreign Policy reports.
Cartwright, a retired four-star general who served for 40 years and last served on the Joint Chiefs, has been the subject of an ongoing investigation into an alleged leak of classified information of the “Stuxnet” virus that targeted and temporarily disabled Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2010.

The general’s legal team has called that assertion “preposterous.”

Gordon Lubold of FP reports that multiple current and former administration sources said Cartwright lost his clearance earlier this year. That delivers a big blow to the retired officer once regarded as Obama’s ‘favorite general,’ who left the military and now serves in other military-related roles at the Center of Strategic and International Studies, Raytheon, and as a defense consultant for ABC News.


For once, and only because it involves someone who served the country for such a long time, I hope this is one negative associated with Team Lightbringer that turns out to not be true.

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