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Biz 'Team Member' Of Dem Misogynist Allan Brauer Calls Detractors 'Irrational' For Thinking His Behavior Reflects On Her

(Here’s the background.)

But he said he was sorry!

Update: my team member even apologized for his tweet. That’s what rational and thinking people do. I consider this “case closed”.

Heads up to my friends, colleagues, and clients: So-o-o-o-o-o-o…Some people on Twitter decided they didn’t like what one of my team members said on his PRIVATE Twitter feed. These people think that now their job is to try to disparage ME and my company.

They have been trying to spread ridiculous things about us on Twitter, on our Facebook, on our website, and anywhere else they can find. What they don’t know is that for all of their snide comments, it still remains that private citizens can express their opinions on their own Twitter. If you don’t like what someone says on their own private space, take it up with him or her.

Here at Writing It Right For You, we believe in free speech and the 1st amendment. Since THE COMPANY didn’t say anything that you didn’t like, don’t come to THE COMPANY to air your grievances.

This is something that so many people don’t seem to understand: yes, the First Amendment gives us the right to say all kinds of stupid stuff. What it does not do, however, is provide immunity from consequences for saying things. You have every right in the world to tell your boss exactly where he/she can stick that suggestion just given to you but the First Amendment won’t protect you from being fired for doing so. There is some responsibility that goes along with exercising one’s First Amendment rights and, in the social media age, one’s “private” musings still reflect on
a person’s employer and have consequences.

What Ms. Hilliard Owens doesn’t grasp is that Brauer’s vile behavior ceased being “private” when it tweeted it to Amanda Carpenter.

She is also unaware that this isn’t Brauer’s first misogyny rodeo.

Or maybe she is. It is difficult to imagine a man with that little self control hiding it well.