Shooter Sentenced in the One Gun Attack that Liberals Won't Talk About

Floyd Corkins gets 25 years for trying to shoot up the Family Research Council’s headquarters in Washington DC.

WASHINGTON (AP) — A man who planned a mass shooting at the headquarters of a conservative Christian lobbying group in Washington last year was sentenced Thursday to 25 years in prison for the plot that injured a security guard.

Floyd Corkins II was carrying 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches and nearly 100 rounds of ammunition during the shooting at the headquarters of the Family Research Council. He later told authorities he planned to kill as many people as possible and to smear the sandwiches in his victims’ faces as a political statement. Chick-fil-A was making headlines at the time because of its president’s opposition to gay marriage, and the Family Research Council also opposes gay marriage.


AP neglects to add that one of its trusted sources, the Southern Poverty Law Center, provides an online “hate map” that Corkins admits he used when he decided try his hand at mass murder.

That map remains online. The SPLC continues to define the traditional-values Family Research Council as a “hate group.”

But for the heroism of a quick-acting unarmed security guard, Corkins would have killed a large number of people. He had 100 rounds of ammunition on him when he was apprehended.

Liberals prefer to pretend that this shooting never happened, and that their vitriol against anyone who believes in the traditional definition of marriage is somehow filled with hate does not, itself, inspire hate. Simply put, the left’s angry campaign against traditional values and beliefs directly inspired Corkins, just as it inspires and inflames hatred every day.



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