Wendy Davis Isn't Even Officially Running, but the DMN's Christy Hoppe Already Has Her Back

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The Dallas Morning News’ Christy Hoppe is diligently watching for and reporting any slight against the Texas Democrats’ latest hopeful, state Sen. Wendy Davis. Davis says she will announce “what’s next” on October 3, and what’s next for her is probably a run for governor to build on her opposition to an abortion regulation bill that most Texans support. Hoppe is scouring the tweets of GOP frontrunner Greg Abbott and all of his advisers. We can be sure that she’s also scouring Abbott’s advisers’ Facebook pages, yearbook photos, their second cousins’ wedding photos, and even their “permanent records” going back to kindergarten.


Davis’ record in office will undergo no such scrutiny.

The Democrats are also apparently lining up state Sen. Leticia Van de Putte of San Antonio to run for lieutenant governor. Here she is, with her arm around Davis as they and Planned Parenthood fought against sensible regulation of abortion clinics.


If both Davis and Van de Putte run, the Democrats can be expected to throw down the victim, gender and race cards at every turn of the campaign (Van de Putte is Hispanic). They will not run on issues. In Texas, Democrats cannot run on issues, because their party is wildly out of sync with the majority of voters. A Democratic ticket featuring Davis and Van de Putte stand to be the most pro-abortion, anti-gun, left-wing, pro-Obama ticket in Texas history. That will not attract a majority of voters. So they will run on identity. The Democrats’ shameless, phony “war on women” should feature prominently too.

And reporters like Christy Hoppe will be there, along with the Huffington Post, TPM, the New York Times, the Washington Post — the usual suspects — ready and willing to make sure that the campaign is not about real issues that Texans care about, but about perceived slights and phony acts of insensitivity.



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