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Piers Morgan, Twit Race Champion

CNN’s blueblood talker Piers Morgan reacted to Monday’s Navy Yard shootings with his customary restraint and fidelity to facts.

Aren’t Americans finding their voice in the NRA? I certainly do. If the NRA did not do what millions of Americans support, they would no longer support it. That’s how it works here.

Morgan, by the way, is not an American. Perhaps he doesn’t understand our first two constitutional amendments.

Political correctness? Not on Morgan’s radar.

Today the FBI revealed that the AR-15 was not Aaron Alexis’ firearm of choice. So Morgan shifted gears.

It mattered to Piers Morgan only a day ago.

Reminder: Piers Morgan was fired from the Daily Mirror a few years back for a false report that smeared British troops. Yet despite his current irresponsibility, he retains his prime-time post at CNN. That post is the only reason that anyone cares what Morgan thinks.