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Gunman on the Loose in DC Navy Yard (Updates)

A gunman, apparently acting alone, has wounded several people at the Navy Yard in Washington DC this morning. NBC reports he has shot seven people including two police officers. NBC Washington says the gunman has struck at least 10.

The Navy Yard is surrounded by police and workers have been told to shelter in place. The suspect is described as 6 feet tall, male, bald and black. He is reportedly using an AR-15 and is holed up in one of the buildings inside the Navy Yard. There are some unconfirmed reports of fatalities.

President Obama has reportedly been briefed. The Navy Yard is about a half mile from Capitol Hill. As of yet, there is no word on motive.


: Washington police confirm 10 shot, 8 civilians, 2 police officers from different agencies.

Update: The Washington Post live blog reports there are three shooters.

Update: Our “partners” for “peace” in Syria are mocking the US.

A shooting at the Washington Navy Yard that killed several people and injured more Monday is “a clear confirmation of “American exceptionalism,” Russia’s parliamentary foreign affairs chief Alexey Pushkov tweeted.

Update: The report of multiple shooters is unconfirmed.


Update: Multiple outlets report that four have been killed.