Death by a Thousand Whispers

Professor Ditherton Wiggleroom isn’t just losing control of his own caucus on Capitol Hill — he’s losing control of his own staff. Mark Thiessen explains:


In today’s Wall Street Journal, senior officials leak how they desperately tried to talk Obama out of his “head-spinning reversal” on airstrikes and his decision to go to Congress. “He received swift — and negative — responses from his staff,” the Journal reports. National security adviser Susan Rice, we learn, warned that “he risked undermining his powers as commander in chief.” Senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel “also raised concerns.” But Obama ignored their advice and “took the gamble anyway.”

Such loyalty.

One of the Democrats’ historic strengths is that they don’t tell on their own. We still haven’t gotten the definitive insider account of the Clinton years, and likely never will. But you have to wonder if this will hold true for Wiggleroom, because stories like these indicate that a lot of people are wanting to put a lot of visible space in between themselves and their feckless, amateur boss.


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