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Carney: You Know What Americans Really Appreciate? An Indecisive President, That's What.

When the only thing you have to sell is crap, you have to make that crap look gooood.

Which brings to Jay Carney, one of the 15 “impartial” journalists who have officially joined the Obama administration. Many others have joined the administration in less official capacities.

President Obama has been so indecisive on Syria that even some liberal journalists have started to question his competence. Today, Jay Carney once again became a crap salesman.

Fox News’ senior White House correspondent Ed Henry asked Carney about U.S. Sen. Bob Corker’s, R-Tenn., disappointment in Obama’s indecisiveness on whether to use military strikes in Syria.

“When it comes to our approach to this problem in Syria, the president has been very clear about the need to respond and why it’s important that [Bashar] Assad be held accountable,” Carney said, according to Roll Call.

“I would simply say that, when it comes to being commander-in-chief, I think the American people, at least in my assessment, appreciate a commander-in-chief who takes in new information and doesn’t, you know, celebrate decisiveness for the sake of decisiveness.”

This administration just can’t finish a day without taking a childish swipe at George W. Bush. Obama’s predecessor has had the grace to stay silent during Obama’s Syria fiasco. Yet Obama and his lieutenants just cannot resist knocking him with a variation on “I know you are, but what am I?”

They’re brats. Our nation is being run by brats.