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Photo Caption Contest Winners: How Do You Like Me Now? (less than when this contest started)

Obama putin syria

Thanks to all who submitted entries to our latest contest and congratulations to our regulars and newcomers who made our judge’s job very difficult.

This contest photo reflects a serious international situation that is still evolving. Thus answering the question, “How do you like me now?” has become even more complicated since the contest began.

But to help predict the crisis outcome, imagine a WWF style “smack-down” between these two world leaders. In one corner is a 16-year veteran KGB operative who hunts Siberian tigers and engages in other macho sports while half-naked.

In the other corner is a former community organizer and law school lecturer, who excels at reading from a teleprompter.

So who would Vegas pick to land on top?

Our contest winners hint at the answer.

The Grand Prize is a photo of Putin’s pectorals and it goes to mike7777777 who submitted this clever entry of Putin saying:

“As a communist at heart it pains me to say this…but I OWN your ass.”

The Grand Prize runner-up is Chris Henderson with four entries that remind us of past Obama-isms:

Putin: “My offer is shovel ready.”

Putin: “Dealing with him is BELOW my pay grade.”

Putin: “Your International Coalition? You didn’t build that!”

Putin: “No, you’ve got it all wrong. It wasn’t a chemical attack, President Assad just saw a YouTube video he didn’t like.”

Together these sayings are a near- perfect portral of the Obama presidency.

The final Grand Prize goes to cfbleachers for this pithy entry:

Obama got up on the world stage…and fell in the orchestra pit.

Here are the Honorable Mention winners.

RockThisTown with two: “Yes, Vlad, your people can draft my speech tonight.”

“Sure, Vlad, I can be your puppet, but I’m already beholden to Soros, Hollywood, unions & the media.”

Zip Code with two:  Obama Bubble— I’m going to hold my breath until I can bomb somebody!

Obama Bubble— What hurts more than anything is Congress sent for him!

fortibus85 had four winners:  Vlad the Impaler.

Chicago politics meet the world stage.

Putin thought bubble: “This would be more enjoyable if Obama actually realized he was being played, but I’m not sure he gets it!”

Putin thought bubble: “Who would have thought that murdering innocents could bring this much global advantage?”

Cfbleachers had two more winners:

Bill Clinton handles his domestic policy and Putin handles his foreign affairs. Welcome to The Timeshare Presidency.

No Congressional vote, no red line, no plan, no mission, …Obama is running out the clock on his Presidency. I guess that’s called Leaving From Behind.

JRSWINE had four winners:

 BO – “I’m so awesome, all I have to do is pretend to think about bluffing to use force, and the world caves!”
VP – “Boo! I’m a Rodeo clown!”

BO – “Glad that’s over, let’s have some caviar!”
VP – “I’ve already eaten your lunch.”

 BO – “OK, let’s hit the links!”
VP – “Good; I need a caddy.”

BO – “Was it the magic of the well-tailored suit or the well-creased pant leg?”
VP – “When is this clown going to realize that I’ve picked his pocket?”

BO – “I told you I would be more flexible.”
VP – “Yes, I’ve wrapped you around my little finger.”

Chris Henderson had three more winners:

Putin: “I’m doing some ‘community organizing’ of my own in Syria.”

Putin Thought Bubble: “And the best part was I called him at 3:00 AM.”

Putin: “I understand your Nobel Peace Prize is an air-burst, armor piercing anti-personnel device.”

See you all next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest.  (However “thought bubbles” appear to be overtaking the captions.) So keep thinking my friends!