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It's Wednesday So Cue The Latest Leftmedia Whatever Is 'Destroying The Republican Party'

Because “Ahabism” or something.

The right’s Ahab-like determination to destroy Obamacare has so thoroughly overtaken the conservative wing of the GOP that its loyalists in Congress are about to squander an opportunity to hand Democrats a huge defeat in the fight over sequestration, and hasten the Republican crackup in the process.

Conservatives are poised — once again! — to align with progressives in temporarily handing control of the House of Representatives over to Nancy Pelosi, and protecting the poor from deep government spending cuts. All because GOP leaders don’t think suicide is a wise political strategy.

The “Republican crackup” bit is so cute you almost want to pinch its cheeks. There have been two notes from the Leftmedia regarding the GOP repeated since last November. The first is that the party “OMG HAS TO CHANGE AND CHANGE RIGHT NOW!” The second, whenever there is some tension between the old guard and the emerging hybrid Tea Party guard in an attempt to bring about change is that the party is on suicide watch.

Yes, it’s mostly wishful thinking but there are a few other factors at play here.

One is that the Obamacare fans are in their final days of being able to say that the law is good without anyone having to have really dealt with it yet. The true devotees really believe the “Patient Protection” and “Affordable” parts of the law’s name have greatly enjoyed being able to say it’s awesome “Just because shut up, racist.” They are also the people who tend to believe that the countless delays are because of some all-powerful GOP obstructionist bogeyman. So, tool…shed…not sharp…you get it. They have to convince themselves that any and all opposition to the law is evil and destructive.

Another is that modern Democrats are a hive mind. Dissension in their ranks is catastrophic. Sure, they pretend it’s a festival of free thought over there but yeah…no. Many of them are truly freaked out that they are questioning the president over Syria. When you’ve been fancying yourself a white liberal champion of racial goodness and telling evil RWNJs that they’re racist for ever questioning President Obama you become overwhelmed by the mother of all cognitive dissonance episodes. Should we attack Syria, I expect most of them to work through this by abandoning principle and engaging in some good old fashioned rationalization.

Because the disagreement hurts over there, they eventually all fall into line. Hell, people gave up their seats in Congress to back Obamacare.

In the mind of your average Leftmedia hack, any tension in the Republican ranks really is a sign that the end is nigh because that would be the case with that same amount of tension over there. Go peruse the lefty blogs right now. There isn’t a lot of Syria talk because they simply CANNOT DEAL at the moment.

So hit the Xanax, you wishers of a Republican implosion. Nixon didn’t ruin the party, a crappy law forced down the throats of the American public by a Democrat POTUS and Congress surely won’t.

Kudos to the writer for having read Moby Dick, however.

Because no one’s ever done that.