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MidEast Dispatch: Tectonic Shifts in the Arab World (Podcast)

I’m in Israel this week for the 2013 World Summit on Counter Terrorism sponsored by the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk at length with my friend and colleague Avi Melamed about ongoing events in the region.


In this first audio clip, Avi and I discuss Syria, jihadists in the Sinai and the tectonic shifts occurring throughout the Middle East:

[jwplayer mediaid=”138824″]

In this second clip we talk about Hamas and other jihadists in Gaza, how the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has caused a crisis for Hamas, and how PA President Mahmoud Abbas is taking advantage of his rival’s crisis:

[jwplayer mediaid=”138832″]

In this third and last clip we conclude with a discussion of the regional situation and its effect on Israel’s security:

[jwplayer mediaid=”138833″]

Avi will be in the U.S. in the next few weeks. I would encourage readers to follow him on Twitter.



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