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Obama 'Flashing a Big Grin' to Meet Putin

President Obama arrived at the G-20 summit in St. Petersburg today for his first face-to-face interaction with President Vladimir Putin since the Russian leader decided to give NSA leaker Edward Snowden safe haven.

From the White House pool report of that meeting:

He got out of the limo and exchanged a handshake and small talk w Putin who was waiting for him.

They chatted very briefly and obama was inside w/in 15 seconds

Couldn’t hear what was said

They appeared pleasant w each other but not over friendly, as if they were remarking on the splendid St Pete weather

Both smiled briefly as they shook hands,Obama flashing a big grin

Most leaders were in w/in 10 seconds, but German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Putin talked for a bit and shared a laugh. It was loud enough that pool heard Putin’s laugh, but not what was said

The leaders were supposed to begin arriving at 4 but didn’t show til 4:36

Canada PM and Putin appeared to talk about the castle, w Putin at one point gesturing up to it

He shook hands w every leader and then posed for a picture before directing leaders inside

Obama was the second-to-last leader to arrive at the palace.