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Photo Caption Contest Winners: Are They Just Mullahing Around or is WWIII About To Begin?



Thanks to all who mullahed around with our latest photo caption contest. It was obvious from the caption entries that these handsome, well dressed gentlemen managed to unlock some hidden passion in our players.

And in our judges too!  Because Iran away while the judges were fighting over which of the three finalists should be awarded the grand prize of a miniature nuke kit so kindly donated by the gentlemen in our photo. (They thought the kits would be perfect for backyard play this Labor Day weekend.)

But eventually the judges realized (with the help of UN inspectors) that our distinguished Iranian photo models had managed to smuggle three mini-nuke kits through customs — just enough for each of our three finalists who we are now calling grand prize winners.

So congrats to our three winners and we hope you all have a blast playing with your prizes!


Is that a Nuke in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?


Remember, human tongue is NOT halal!


Finally, same sex marriage comes to Iran.

Here are the Honorable Mention winners who will receive a heads-up about when our winners will be playing with their prizes.

RockThisTown had two:

I’ll see your 10 Christian church bombings & raise you 10 more!

Yes, these flowers are phallic symbols so we must keep them hidden from all Muslim women!

Zip Code had three:

We lost money this year in the Camel business—- You should know by now
two Mullahs will never make a Prophet!

Man on right “Thought Bubble”: Them Eskimos know something we don’t, my turban is starting to tingle!

Caption— Two old geezers comparing sneezers.

cfbleachers had five:

“So, who is this Mullah Cyrus and is this what he means by twerking?”

 The leaders of Perversia…visited there once,…renamed it. I Ran.

Chinese technology, Russian missiles and a French kiss. It’s good to be a don in the Mullahfia.

Ok, I’ll let you kiss me, but you can’t touch my falafel.

Hey, at least we don’t have to believe in that 72 virgins thing.


 Mullah on left – I’m not wearing anything under my robe. . . . 

 Mullah on right – Do you want to play Mullah & Infidel again tonight?

 Mullah on left – I love it when you talk haram to me.

Scottch also had three honorables:

Don’t judge. They are just ‘mulling’ over where to stick their nukes!

This photo of the ayatollah and his wife is proof positive of that old saying that couples DO eventually start to resemble each other

Let me tell you about the goat I met last night!


It’s so encouraging to see older couples still acting so much like young love.

After reviewing all the entries, it has come to the attention of contest management that we need to reinstate our usual contest rules the next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest.   See you then!