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Madness: California Bill Would Let Nurses Perform Abortions

CBS LA reports:

Nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives and physician assistants could perform a type of early abortion under a bill approved Monday by the state Senate, leaving the measure one step from the governor.

The measure by Assemblywoman Toni Atkins, D-San Diego, would let those medical professionals perform what are known as aspiration abortions during the first trimester. The method involves inserting a tube and using suction to terminate a pregnancy.

The bill has already been voted out of committee.

It’s apparent that Democrats, who control that committee and the entire California legislature, do not want abortion regulated at all. They fought sensible upgrades of abortion clinics in Texas. Democrat Wendy Davis became famous trying to block that bill. Now they’re watering down standards where they have total control, in California.

Some of this is the politics of the issue: More abortionists means more abortions, means more money for Democrat campaigns and candidates. Democrats increasingly depend on unrestricted abortion, Big Labor, racial tension, and the media to remain viable. The media should flay California Democrats for allowing non-physicians to perform abortions, but everyone knows that that won’t happen.

Some of this is the impact of Obamacare. Doctors are retiring in droves. The insurance industry is experiencing chaos nationwide. And there have been drives to turn people who are not doctors into doctors in all but name, without them going through the education and training that it requires to become a doctor.

We saw this before, with optometrists and nurse practitioners trying to become surgeons. Now we’re seeing it again with nurses and nurse practitioners trying to become abortionists.

The end result of this dangerous experiment will be a loss in the quality of care. That women may be harmed as unqualified people perform serious medical procedures may not matter all that much.