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Colin Powell's Voter-Fraud Dishonesty Earns Spot on CBS's Face the Nation?

Colin Powell recently attacked election integrity and claimed there was no voter fraud.  That’s dishonest and false, but it was good enough to get a spot on CBS’s Face the Nation this Sunday.  His ticket to the show:

You can say what you like, but there is no voter fraud.

Colin Powell should learn a bit about people like Melowese Richardson, Lessadolla Sowers, Sonia Solis, Eric HaynesLinda Wells, Giancarlo Sopo, John Moretina, Clara Moretina, Ernest Johnson, Kaarbo (aka Shawn Marie Melton), Jose Antonio Ramirez-Velasquez, Michael MarshallMarguerite Kloos, Dilsa Maria Saddler, Rep. Stephen “Stat” Smith (D-Mass.), Leonard Brown, Chad Gigowski, Andrew Shepherd, Brittany Rainey, Caitlin Haycock, Brian Uecker, Fozia Nawaz, Bill Di Giorgio, Anna Nicole Nelson, Carlton Kaarbo and Richard Alverson.

And these are just charges and convictions over the last few months.  But I’ll bet Colin Powell never heard of any of these criminals.  He’s simply in service of the Democratic Left now, and that gets him a spot on CBS’s Face the Nation.

Of course CBS’s Face the Nation will have someone on knowledgeable in election law or voter fraud (as opposed to Powell the part timer), right?

Of course not.  CBS is part of the Democrat narrative machine.  Dissent is not tolerated, like at MSNBC.  I witnessed this firsthand when CBS’s Face the Nation did a Sunday segment about my allegations in the New Black Panther case, but didn’t have me on. CBS Evening News producers even spiked a story that Jan Crawford had produced about the New Black Panther dismissal.

Instead, CBS will pile on this Sunday with more opponents of election integrity to possibly echo Powell.  Rep. John Lewis and Mayor Cory Booker will join Powell.  None of them will mention the criminality in American elections listed above.  None of them will spout anything but leftist orthodoxy if they talk about elections.