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Cairo Correspondent: Muslim Brotherhood Spreading Terrorism in All of Egypt

After the attempt of the Egyptian police to end the Muslim Brotherhood’s sit-ins in Cairo, the Muslim Brotherhood have been spreading terrorism in all of Egypt. So far they have burnt 54 churches and monasteries to the ground  some of which are ancient. They have killed many Christians, burnt their houses and shops and plundered their possessions.

And here I am wondering where have all the calls for the protection of the Christian minorities gone? The American administration used to threaten the former regime of President Mubarak to ensure religious tolerance – where has that gone? Is that race card not needed anymore?

All of the Egyptians save for a few are in support of their police forces and their army in the fight against these terrorists the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD AND THEIR SUPPORTERS THE ISLAMIC JIHADIST GROUPS. But alas the American administration is still siding with the wrong party, instead of supporting the 40 million Egyptians who seek true Democracy and true freedom, which were violated by the ousted president Morsi and his terrorist party.

The majority of international media is still showing to its audience that what is going on in Egypt is an attack by the police forces and the army on the poor peaceful Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators. People in America and the West must understand that this is not the true picture in the streets.

From “World Silent As Brotherhood Targets Coptic Christians”

From Fox News: “Christians not safe in Egypt; 10-yr-old Christian girl murdered by Muslim Brotherhood”

From USA Today: “Egypt’s Christians under attack since Morsi’s ouster”

From Egyptian Blogger Big Pharaoh:  “I think the magnitude and geographical spread of the attacks on Christians didn’t happen before since the mid ages.”

People in Egypt are against these murderous gangs. They are not peaceful demonstrations. They are terrorists who took arms against the Egyptian people. They want to burn all of Egypt. They have attacked and torched all vital governmental buildings and police stations. They have killed more than 65 police officers,  blocked roads and railways. The Egyptian people have asked the police forces to rid them of these terrorists.

Last week President Obama gave a speech about what is going on in Egypt, and has decided to stop the upcoming joint military exercise with the Egyptian army, in an attempt to pressure the armed forces to stop their war against Muslim Brotherhood  You have to understand that this created more hate towards the American goverment. In a reaction to this speech President Putin announced that the Russian army is ready to help the Egyptian army in its fight against terrorism.

On August 16th after the Friday prayer the Muslim Brotherhood promised seas of bloodshed and attacks on all Christians. Their leader has announced that this is just the begining, that the worst is yet to come.

Pray for Egypt. And support the Egyptian people.