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Democrat Filner's Latest Accuser: A Great-Grandmother

Bob Filner is a predator. Ace captured some of what his latest accuser, Peggy Shannon, had to say in a press conference today.

Just revealed: he asked his employee if she believed that he could “go” for “eight hours in one night.”

He grabbed her, kissed her.

She went to work every day with “butterflies in her stomach,” she says.

She was working at the Senior Citizens’ Help Desk. She herself is a senior. But he was just remorseless and undauntable.

And he continued harassing her even after a coerced apology. That’s a sign right there that this “therapy” he just allegedly finished in record time is unlikely to stick.

Also unlikely to stick: The valid charge that the Democratic Party covered for Filner for years and years in California and Washington.

The charge is true. The Democrats did cover for him because he shared their “progressive” values, which apparently include harassing great-grandmothers and asking them if they can “go” for eight hours. But the Republican Party won’t make it and they won’t force the media to address it.

So the charge won’t stick.

I’m sick of wimps.