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Obama's 'Body Man' Says He Played Cards with the President During Osama Raid

Yeah — that soldier stuff gets boring after a while.

Weekly Standard:

Reggie Love says he and President Obama played cards during the Osama bin Laden raid, and that the president told him, “I can’t watch this entire thing.”

“Most people were like down in the Situation Room and [President Obama] was like, ‘I’m not going to be down there, I can’t watch this entire thing,’ We must have played 15 games of spades,” said Love at a public event.

Love was Obama’s “body man,” and spent much time with his boss while he worked for Obama at the White House.

Not everyone who was president at a time like that would play cards. But some might. Everyone deals with stress differently, and while it’s probably not something you or I would do in that situation, Obama chose card playing to relieve tension.

That’s not the problem. The problem is the image that the president and his PR hacks tried to fashion of a president who was totally engaged, on the edge of his seat, and in charge. Not that it will make a difference in anything. The press will squash the story and the narrative of brave Obama, daring to take the gamble of giving the go-code to the SEALs in Abbotobad will be maintained.

I wonder if he gave the go-ahead for the mission right after the pizza?