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Whistleblower's Attorney: 400 US Missiles Stolen in Benghazi

AWR Hawkins reports at Breitbart:

On August 12, Joe DiGenova, attorney for one of the Benghazi whistleblowers, told Washington D.C.’s WMAL that one of the reasons people have remained tight-lipped about Benghazi is because 400 U.S. missiles were “diverted to Libya” and ended up being stolen and falling into “the hands of some very ugly people.”
DiGenova represents Benghazi whistleblower Mark Thompson. He told WMAL that he “does not know whether [the missiles] were at the annex, but it is clear the annex was somehow involved in the distribution of those missiles.”

He claimed his information “comes from a former intelligence official who stayed in constant contact with people in the special ops and intelligence community.”

So, here’s another aspect of the Benghazi mysteries that, for the most part, the media won’t ask WH spokesman Jay Carney about. Powerline notes that skepticism of this story is warranted. True enough. But it does fit with earlier stories about SAMs gone missing in Libya, and with tales that Ambassador Chris Stevens was trying to round those missiles up, and with rumors that the US was covertly shipping missiles and other arms to the rebels in Syria. Benghazi would have been a poor place to warehouse missiles given its instability and the building al Qaeda presence there in the months leading up to the 9-11 attack. The Obama administration has been know to make poor foreign policy choices, though.

Missing missiles that can threaten passenger aircraft also provide a motive for the CIA to engage in the coverup that CNN reports is still ongoing.

The presence of so many missiles at the Benghazi facility would also provide a motive for the attack itself.