Obama Harrangues Tweeps on Climate Change

Remember when President Barack Obama accused Washington of getting distracted and taking its “eye off the ball” of the economy? Well, he and/or his Twitter team are taking their eye off the ball of the economy.


Obama or whoever is writing his official Twitter feed is becoming that guy.

Rebadging “global warming” to “climate change” is one of the greatest political switcheroos of all time. The fact is, the climate is not static and is always changing. The rocks cry out to that effect. The sun is a variable star, with minimums and maximums, and as its energy output varies, Earth’s climate is likely to vary. History teaches us that. The question is, does anything mankind does play any role in the changes? The science on that is very much unsettled. But Barack Obama, or whoever runs his Twitter feed, isn’t interested in science. They’re interested in being that guy — the half-informed, argumentative dope who becomes such a pest that you end up unfollowing his feed.



If you disagree, you’re nothing but a “climate denier.”

As if someone can “deny” “the climate.” Well, actually, those who want to make the climate political are denying the fact that the Sun and nature play a far larger role than humans do or can play.

They also deny the fact that their prescription for the economy — higher taxes, to pay for government picking winners and losers in creating so-called “green” jobs — hurts the overall economy. Deniers!

This is just another in a long series of actions that Obama, or whoever is running his Twitter feed, is taking to divide people and put those who disagree with his rigid ideology on the defensive.

To distract from his massive failures — the sputtering economy, and the latest illegal, politics-driven delay in Obamacare’s implementation.


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