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Obama Diligently Hits the Golf Course for a Week

The Obamas touched down in Cape Cod on Saturday for the start of an eight-day vacation, with the president wasting no time in hitting the golf course.

Staffers even got a new ride to Martha’s Vineyard as the Marine Corps deployed its MV-22 Ospreys in support of Marine One.

“The MV-22’s carried members of the White House Staff, the Media, and the Secret Service, and MV-22’s will fill the same role during future Presidential lifts,” the Marine Corps said. “Since the MV-22’s development in the early 1980’s the Marine Corps has designated it as the replacement for its CH-46 helicopters.”

On Sunday morning, the press pool was carted off to Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs, where the media – which is usually stashed away at a fast-food joint or clubhouse – got a “rare glimpse” of Obama’s game.

“At 12:15, we were led to a wooded area on the first hole, about 150 yards from the hole. POTUS was out on the course with Marvin Nicholson, Robert Wolf and Sam Kass, per White House,” read the White House pool report.

“The pool saw Obama, wearing white shirt and khaki shorts, approach his ball and chip it up on the green, overshooting by about 15 feet. His first put was a miss, which Obama reacted to by leaning back and kicking his knee up, as if trying to coax the ball into breaking right. He let out a little, ‘Ooooh,’ as it happened. …Next one missed, too. Last one he just dragged in the hole.”

“Pool could see what looked like a little light banter and ribbing among the group, but could not hear.” They were then moved back to the press vans.

Obama stayed on the green for more than five hours before he and his wife went to dinner with friends at The Sweet Life Cafe.