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Photo Caption Contest Winners: Just Two Old Friends Sharing a Summer Salad in the Shade


President Barack Obama has lunch with former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on the patio outside the Oval Office, July 29, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)

Thanks to all who played along with our latest and popular contest.

Due to the unique nature of the contest photo, three contests were offered up for extra summertime fun. First, were the usual captions supplemented by “thought bubbles” and “real” conversation.

Now here now are all the winners and honorable mentions:

First, the caption contest was won by Chris Henderson, our reigning Caption King with:  The Empty Suit and the Pantsuit.

Fortibus85 earns an honorable mention for Alinsky triumphant.

RockThisTown also wins an honorable mention for:

Just two greenies having some greens exchanging ideas about extracting more green from those who earn it.

Zip Code places honorably with A Happy Meal this is not.

Here are the “thought bubble” winners.

Zipcode scores the winning thought:

Mrs. Clinton’s Thought Bubble– And I shaved my legs for this!

Zipcode also wins an honorable mention for:

Mrs. Clinton’s Thought Bubble- Get ready to pack your Peace Prize, this Mama’s moving in!

RockThisTown scores with these thought bubbles:

O: “Easy to see why Bill strays . . . ” 

H: “How does Michelle put up with this moron?”


O: “No way I’m letting her redecorate yet.”  

H: “I’ll be hanging new drapes by Christmas.”

rbj wins an honorable with this dual thought bubble:

“Glad I’m not in his/her shoes, I’ve got a media created legacy to protect.”

JRSWINE submitted this honorable winning thought bubble:

B: Hillary, just looking for a pardon down the line.

H: Just looking for a pardon asap.

Our “King of Captions” Chris Henderson wins an honorable with:

THOUGHT BUBBLE COMING FROM BOTH SIMULTANEOUSLY: “Just fake smile until the cameraman is gone.”

Kenril scores an honorable with this thought bubble:

Obama: “I’ve got her right where I want her.”
Hillary: “I’ve got him right where I want him.”
Tree in the center: “I haven’t had this much fertilizer in ages!”

Finally, here are the “real” conversation winners.

The grand prize goes to Zipcode (who is almost a Caption King at this point) with:

Real conversation ( Obama) – I would offer you more silverware but ours came up missing a few years ago.

Editor’s Note: In case you do not remember, after the Clinton’s departed the White House a few items were missing.

Here are the honorable mention winners.

RockThisTown has two:

O: ‘So, if I get my law license back, you’ll appoint me to the Supreme Court when Ginsburg goes, right?”

H: ‘I’ll just need 2 things: your law license & your real birth certificate.’


O: “Don’t worry, I’ll keep Issa distracted so Benghazi isn’t a problem for you in ’16.”

H: “Benghazi? I have no recollection of that.”

Cfbleachers(another reigning Caption King) also has two:

Real Conversation –Mr. Obama, So tell me Hillary do you think New York’s Mr. Weiner will drop out of the mayor race?

Hillary’s reply — Knowing him, I would say he will stick it out.


Typhoid Barry: What will you do with that 3:00 am phone in 2016?

Hildebeast: Exactly what you did…unplug it and go campaigning!

Chris Henderson scores again with three real conversations:

Hillary: “No I will not bake you any Arugula Cookies!”

Obama: Then I take it back. You are not likable enough!” 


Obama: “My poll numbers are lower than your husband’s pants on new intern day.”

Hillary: Don’t be silly –he doesn’t wear pants that day.”


Obama: “If I had a new Ambassador to Benghazi, she’d look like you.”  

Hillary:”But that would entail REAL sniper fire!”

Wow, that was fun! Thanks for playing along everyone.

See you all next time a photo is worthy of a caption ( a thought bubble or “real” conversation.)