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Is Sharpton Blaming Trayvon's Parents Now?

Bill O’Reilly has been on a justified tear against the “grievance industry” and its CEO, Al Sharpton.

Sharpton fired back on his low-rated MSNBC show Tuesday, and sounded like he was blaming Trayvon Martin’s parents and the Sanford police — anyone but himself and his own choice to get involved and make it a huge racial moment.

If the justice system wasn’t so biased towards minorities, Sharpton argued, then maybe he wouldn’t have to express so many grievances. “If the police in Sanford had acted justly, maybe Trayvon Martin’s parents wouldn’t have had a grievance and called me and others to come publicize their demands for the arrest and a proper investigation.”

Let’s review what the Sanford police actually did. After the shooting, they took Zimmerman into custody. They interviewed him. They examined the evidence, including Zimmerman’s wounds. They decided not to press charges because there wasn’t enough evidence to charge Zimmerman, as the killing appeared to have been done in self-defense.

Which, after an expensive trial more than a year later, is what the jury found. At the outset, Sharpton could have consoled the Martins while pointing out to them that there wasn’t a case to be had against Zimmerman. Instead, he and his Grievance Inc, which now includes the U.S. Department of Justice, got the police chief fired and wasted everyone’s time and Florida taxpayers’ money. They’re still hounding Zimmerman after his acquittal and demanding another trial.

Had the races been reversed, Sharpton would have either never gotten involved at all, or he and the Black Panthers and the rest would have been on the other side. Guaranteed.