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Filthy Filner Wants San Diego to Pay His Legal Expenses for Harassing Women

The California Democrat Party is directly on the hook here. Former Assemblywoman Lori Saldana told the CDP about Bob Filner’s treatment of women two years ago. Saldana says the party deliberately covered it all up and even threatened others against opposing him.

Now that his not-very-secret secret is out, Filthy wants the taxpayers of San Diego to pay for his behavior.

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, who’s battling a tide of sexual harassment allegations, wants his city to cover his legal expenses.

Last week, Filner’s lawyer sent a letter to the city, saying it should mount the mayor’s defense and pay his legal bills.

On Tuesday, the city council will hold a closed session to figure out how to proceed.

It’s a tricky predicament.

I don’t know what’s so tricky about it. There is no call in the city charter for the mayor to tell subordinates to report to work sans panties.

Since the California Democrat Party was so intent on keeping Filner in office, the California Democrat Party should help the man pay for his lawyers. If they don’t want to pay, the party should publicly explain why.

Beyond that, Filner’s sense of entitlement ought to be outrageous. But we’re Entitlement Nation now, so maybe it won’t be greeted with the calls for tar, feathers and assembly that Filner deserves.