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Flashback: When Terry McAuliffe Publicly Embarassed Huma Abedin

War on women… in the New York Times.

At a Democratic National Committee retreat on Martha’s Vineyard in August 2001, Weiner asked Abedin if she wanted to go out for a drink. She told him she had to work. Weiner turned to Clinton and said: “I asked Huma out for a drink, and she says she has to work. Can you give her the night off?” With Abedin now behind Weiner, waving her arms and shaking her head “no” to try to get her boss’s attention, Clinton, forever the Midwesterner, said, “Of course all you young people should go out!” Terry McAuliffe, the chairman of the D.N.C., who was watching the scene unfold, said: “Huma Weiner! Oh, my gosh! That’s so funny.” Abedin was mortified.

Har har. These people are all jokes — powerful jokes, but jokes nonetheless.

McAuliffe is the Democrat nominee in Virginia’s governor’s race.