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Lanny Davis: There's More Weiner Coming!

Democrat strategist and close Clinton confidante Lanny Davis gave a very personal interview on the Andrea Tantaros Show today. Davis, who is close personal friends with Anthony Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin, told Tantaros that there is probably more to the Democrat mayoral candidate’s sexting scandal than has already been disclosed.

“I’m sure there’s more out there,” Davis said. “He told us, he warned us, and unfortunately he turned out to be right. Unfortunately for him.” Davis, a public relations expert, advised Weiner to get all of the facts out, take the pain, and then see where he stands.

Weiner had that option two years ago, but he chose to smear Andrew Breitbart before the facts forced him to confess and then resign from the U.S. House. This time around, he was sexting a 22 year old and promising her a sex chateau in Chicago within a week of his resignation from Congress because of his first sexting scandal.

Yet he leads in the latest New York mayoral polls.

Davis says that Huma Abedin is handling Weiner’s latest scandal with “dignity.” He refused to speculate on their marriage, except to say that he believes Huma when she says that she loves Anthony.

Is Huma Abedin staying with Weiner out of political ambition?

“You know, I have a rule of life, I don’t pass judgment on people who have different rules or are different than I am,” Davis answered before adding that “I think it’s unfair to doubt someone’s sincerity who’s going through so much pain, and attribute a motive behind it unless you know it’s true.”

Davis came to national prominence going to bat for Bill Clinton during his White Water and Lewinsky scandals.

Listen to the entire interview here.

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