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WaPo's Greg Sargent Wakes Up, Has a Sad About His Hero Obama

The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent, alum of Josh Marshall’s whispery left-wing nonsense machine Talking Points Memo, may have shed a tear this morning.


You see, Barack Obama is going to pivot to jobs again. That means he has been doing other stuff besides working on the economy again, like ginning up phony wars on women, tweeting his support for the feces brigades in Austin, and sticking himself into the Zimmerman trial, while standing silently by as black kids are gunned down every day in Chicago.

Obama’s previous dozen-odd “pivots to jobs” haven’t achieved anything positive for the country. We have more unemployed Americans now than we had at the height of the Great Recession — the unemployment rate is down because the government stops counting Americans when they give up looking for work. Millions of Americans have given up looking for work.

Obama’s previous “pivots to jobs” were always less about jobs than about politics. This time around, he has a scandal brewing at the IRS that just last week reached into his political appointments. So a seasoned reporter might wonder why Obama is now “pivoting to jobs” again. Might it be that scandal? Might it be the fact that his poll numbers are declining? Might it be that he would rather run around visiting colleges and surrounding himself with human props than stay in Washington and do the hard part of his job, which is working with Congress?

A seasoned reporter asks those questions. Greg Sargent is a seasoned spinner, so he criticizes those who ask those questions.