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Thank Goodness A. Weiner, Eliot Spitzer and Bob Filner are Democrats!

Because if they were Republicans, the media would have built up a “culture of perversion” narrative against the entire GOP by now.

That’s pretty much all there is to say. It’s obvious, and obviously something that the media has not done. Because they’re all Democrats.

That goes for the three men in the headline and the vast majority of the allegedly objective media. They’re all Democrats.

These three offer up stories that write themselves, with endless possibilities for snark sandwich headlines.

Spitzer’s Second Take.

Weiner Hardens Positions as Erection Day Draws Near.

Filner? He Hardly Knew Her!

But we’re not being treated to a “Democrats abuse women!” narrative from the media. We’re not seeing the media pester the man atop the party about what his allies are doing. We’re not seeing other party leaders pestered with curveball questions about any of this. We’re not seeing empty heads on MSNBC sitting around in roundtables chortling about a partywide culture that kinged Bill Clinton and openly declared that he can do anything he wants as long as he keeps the “feminist” policies flowing.

Didn’t that kind of thinking declare open season on women who stand anywhere near male Democrats?

Shouldn’t someone in the media pursue that angle? Alleged media critic Howard Kurtz? Anyone?