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Texas Busts Planned Parenthood for Medicaid Fraud

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has released a statement today after reaching a settlement with Planned Parenthood. According to the statement, a whistleblower alerted Texas authorities that Planned Parenthood was engaging in improper Medicaid billing practices. The state opened an investigation, which found:

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast improperly billed the Texas Medicaid program for products and services that were never actually rendered, not medically necessary, and were not covered by the Medicaid program – and were therefore not eligible for reimbursement. For example, state investigators determined that Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast falsified material information in patients’ medical records in order to support fraudulent reimbursement claims to the Medicaid program.

Under the agreement, Planned Parenthood will pay Texas $1.4 million, of which a portion will go to the federal government as well. The whistleblower is also entitled to part of the funds under the Texas Medicaid Fraud Prevention Act. Recoveries under the act have totaled $1 billion, shared between Texas and the federal government.

Planned Parenthood, a billion dollar corporation that receives millions of taxpayer dollars per year, has been caught in numerous stings over the past few years, with a staff member advising a pimp how to manage his underage sex slaves just one among many offenses.