Congressman Wolf: Benghazi Survivors Forced to Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements

Via the Weekly Standard:

“On Tuesday I raised the question of why none of the Benghazi survivors, whether State Department, CIA, or private security contract employees have testified publicly before Congress,” said Wolf.

“According to trusted sources that have contacted my office, many if not all of the survivors of the Benghazi attacks along with others at the Department of Defense, the CIA have been asked or directed to sign additional non-disclosure agreements about their involvement in the Benghazi attacks. Some of these new NDAs, as they call them, I have been told were signed as recently as this summer.”

Wolf continued: “It is worth nothing that the Marine Corps Times yesterday reported that the Marine colonel whose task force was responsible for special operations in northern and western Africa at the time of the attack is still on active duty despite claims that he retired. And therefore could not be forced to testify before Congress.

“If these reports are accurate, this would be a stunning revelation to any member of Congress, any member of Congress that finds this out and also more importantly to the American people. It also raises serious concerns about the priority of the administration’s efforts to silence those with knowledge of the Benghazi attack in response.


We’ve seen the administration’s priorities. Blame the terrorist attack on a movie, repeatedly, to get past the election. In the weeks leading up to the election, convene a show panel of hand-picked loyalists which by design would fix any accountability for the attack well below the political appointee level. Have Clinton fixer Cheryl Mills run the internal operation to stop whistleblowers. Win election, declare that Benghazi was “a long time ago.”

Forcing survivors to sign NDAs under threat of losing their jobs fits well within this pattern of priorities. We may need a Truth Commission to get to the bottom of this administration’s activities and priorities.


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