Colorado Town May Allow Drone Hunting

Creepy Peeper (Image via Facebook)

Try as they might, the liberal Democrats in Denver haven’t sucked all the fun out of Colorado. Not yet:

The town of Deer Creek, Colo., is looking to begin offering “drone hunting licenses” and actually paying rewards to anyone who presents proof that they were able to bring down an unmanned aerial vehicle belonging to the United States federal government, according to reporting by Denver TV station KMGH.

Phillip Steel, the man who drafted the ordinance, as well as other supporters, say it will provide a new source of revenue for the town, but Steel concedes that it’s not exactly like Deer Trail has a drone problem. In fact, he’s never seen one over the town.

“This is a very symbolic ordinance,” he told KMGH. “Basically, I do not believe in the idea of a surveillance society, and I believe we are heading that way.”


If English Common Law were keeping up with the times, every court would understand that “a man’s airspace is his castle.”

Honestly though, if Steel thinks we’re merely “heading” towards a surveillance society, then he needs to spend a little less time scanning the skies for drones, and a little more time reading the news.

Anyway, here’s to hoping my little town of Monument does something similar. But if they do, I won’t say, “cheers.” I’ll shout, “PULL!”

Happy hunting.


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