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'This is for Trayvon!' -- Gang of Black Men Chase, Beat Hispanic Man in Baltimore

No justice, no peace, on the streets of Baltimore. Of, if you prefer, open season in Harm City.

Using a translator, police spoke to the victim, who knows some English, according to the police report. The victim told officers that he was standing in the intersection of Fairmont and N. Potomac Street when a group of five black males first approached him.

He described all of the males as between 16 and 18 and told police a 6-foot suspect with a black “stretchy” shirt and mohawk told him, “What’s up, [expletive].” When the victim raised his phone to call 911, the suspect raised his shirt and flashed a silver handgun in his waistband.

The victim turned and ran before he was caught in the 2800 block of Fairmont and was beaten, police said. He sustained abrasions to his elbows and forearms but refused medical attention.

Police listed all of the suspects involved as black males. Three were “skinny” while one was described as overweight.

A witness posted on Facebook that she saw the gang of young men chasing the victim before they caught up to him and started kicking and beating him. That witness wrote that the black males were shouting “This is for Trayvon!” as they beat the man.

If Eric Holder is still looking around for a hate crime to prosecute, Baltimore offers one.

Not for the first time over the past few years, I am glad to have left Baltimore in the rear-view mirror. It’s an anti-gun state, tilted against the law-abiding. The leaders there, all Democrats, are the usual collection of demagogues and monsters that infest most urban governments in America. They will have no serious response for the communities among them that are now under threat from the Sharpton brigades.