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Conservative Hispanic Society Blasts Media's Role in Zimmerman Trial

The tragedy that was the Zimmerman case was a no-win for anyone involved. Some alleged news outlets tried to capitalize, to sensationalize, and to whip up racial resentment with their coverage, but the Zimmerman verdict has reaffirmed my confidence in the judicial system and its ability to rise above the petty race-baiters who now populate the mainstream press.
The attempt by liberals in the media to convict a Latino man in the court of public opinion before the facts were known was shameful. I was disgusted by the New York Times inventing the term “White Hispanic”, and CNN calling Zimmerman a “self identified Hispanic.”
These attempts to establish a “justice pecking order” are revolting. So much for a society that judges by the content of character — the extreme left-wing members of the press appear to be working constantly to make sure we in the U.S. never get there.