Barack Obama Continues to Rabble Rouse After Texas Abortion Bill Passes

The Texas abortion bill passed both houses of the state legislature by whopping majorities. It passed the House 98-49 and it passed the Senate 19-11. Those are large majorities by any definition. The modest bill bans abortions after 20 weeks and elevates standards at abortion clinics to be on par with standards at ambulatory surgical centers.


But after the final vote in the Senate, President Obama chose to criticize the bipartisan majorities that passed the bill. At about 12:20 pm central, his official Twitter feed posted:


Obama’s tweet comes after confirmation that pro-abortion protesters attempted to sneak jars of urine and feces into the capitol in Austin to assault pro-life activists and duly elected Republican representatives. Neither Obama nor the Texas Democratic Party has condemned those actions or the threats of violence that rippled throughout the capitol throughout the evening Friday.

Obama also has not spoken up against threats of violence as the Zimmerman trial drew to a close in Florida earlier Friday.

Ironically, Obama’s tweet betrays his own hypocrisy regarding health care. His signature law, ObamaCare, has already cost many American women and men their health insurance coverage.


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