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A Quarter of Barack Obama's Supporters Really Want Some Richard Nixon

Rasmussen’s latest reveals more evidence that President Obama’s strongest supporters aren’t strongly connected with reality.

Voters think most radical Muslim groups in this country should be under close surveillance by the government as possible terrorist threats but are a lot less suspicious of Tea Party groups. President Obama’s supporters, however, feel similarly about monitoring both groups.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 57% of Likely U.S. Voters believe most radical Muslim groups in America should be monitored by the government as potential terrorists. Just 14% think most Tea Party groups should be monitored by the government as possible terror threats.

Crunch the numbers and one-fourth of Obama’s strong supporters are not so much into hopenchange anymore. They want some ruthless suppression of dissent.

Similarly, 26% of Obama’s supporters believe that Tea Party groups, not Islamist terrorists, are the nation’s top terror threat. So they’re pretty serious that Obama’s government should do things that when Richard Nixon did them, ended his presidency (see Article 2, sections 1 and 2).

Those folks must be pretty happy that the Obama IRS systematically oppressed Tea Party groups and leaders across the 2012 election cycle.