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President Who Casts Himself as a Mere Bystander When Things Go Wrong asks, 'Shouldn't Government Be Easy to Use?'

This White House email comes from a man whose administration has become a combination joke and active threat.

President Obama is devoted to making government smarter — improving disaster response, reducing waste, and opening up government data. We’ve made some big progress, but there’s more to do to make government user-friendly for Americans.

That’s why, today, President Obama is highlighting a new management agenda — directing his cabinet to continue to bring this government into the 21st century, and make it easier than ever for Americans to get the services they need from government.

Under this president’s watch, his own signature health care law has become a lawless, job-killing train wreck. The government he wants to be smarter won’t even check to see if people who request government ObamaCare subsidies are qualified to receive them. Under this president’s watch, the NSA has conducted widespread data-mining against everyone in the country. Under this president’s watch, the IRS persecuted Americans for the thoughtcrime of standing up and opposing Obama’s agenda. Under this president’s watch, the EPA has unleashed a war on coal while the administration has wasted billions of dollars in greendoggles that lined the pockets of the Democrat Party’s wealthiest and most connected financial supporters. The president who promised to lead the most transparent government ever has played shell games with information requests and invoked executive privilege to bury the deadly Fast and Furious scandal. His government spied on reporters at the Associated Press and accused Fox’s James Rosen of criminal activity for trying to get a scoop. The man who wants to lead a “smarter government” keeps trying to arm variants of the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda across the Middle East. When things go wrong, by which I really mean that when his government’s misdeeds get discovered, he feigns outrage, promises to do something, then does nothing meaningful, and acts like he’s not even the president. In today’s announcement, Obama is acting like he hasn’t been president for going on five years and never had a congressional supermajority to get everything that he wanted to do done.

Now, this president wants to make Americans think that he’s interested in making government smarter? At this point, most Americans who aren’t on the government dole would probably settle for a government that doesn’t act like a hostile, occupying force.

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