Inside Khadafy's Harem

Soraya was 15 years old when she was forced to become one of Moammar Khadafy’s many sex slaves — but women loved him:

“Moammar Khadafy is the one who opened opportunities for us to advance,” one female member of his vice squad told The Associated Press in 2011. “That’s why we cling to him; that’s why we love him. He gave us complete freedom as a woman to enter the police force, work as engineers, pilots, judges, lawyers. Anything.”

In truth, the Amazonian Guard was a front: Most of those women, too, were Khadafy’s sex slaves. He shopped for victims at weddings, schools and summits. He kept a secret apartment at the University of Tripoli campus, where he abducted and raped students. He reveled in seducing the wives and girlfriends of heads of state, ambassadors, various dignitaries. He gobbled Viagra and had to have sex at least four times a day, with four different people. It is fair to say the entire Libyan populace existed to sate his depraved sexual appetites.

Then there were the willing — those elite foreigners who succumbed. Whether by force or free will is a mystery.

“It always surprised me to see the visiting women head towards his room,” Soraya said, “immaculately dressed, designer purse in hand, and then come out with their lipstick smudged and their hair undone.”

Soraya was most shocked, however, to see a jaunty Tony Blair exit Khadafy’s tent, clueless as to the atrocities under his nose. “Hi, girls!” he exclaimed.


Well, if Blair isn’t symbolic of just about every leftyWestern leader ever. Admire the Potemkin village, ignore the atrocities.


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