Texas Pro-Abortion Protesters Chant 'Hail Satan' as Pro-Lifers Sing 'Amazing Grace'

Image via Twitter

Texas’ ugly week got uglier still today. On Monday we reported that as pro-life women sang the hymn “Amazing Grace” the other side hijacked the hymn and twisted it into an ode to (some, not a majority of) Texas women.


Today pro-life protesters again sang “Amazing Grace.”

The pro-abortion side countered with “Hail Satan.”

Video of the moment is here at Cahnman’s Musings.

It’s difficult to make out what the abortion side are saying until the very end, when the woman gets right up to the camera and sticks her tongue out as she clearly says “Hail Satan.”

This person.


According to blogger Adam Cahnman, the abortion side were chanting and acting similarly all day, but this was the only time it was caught on video.


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