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'Progressives' Roll the Clock Back 2,000 Years in California

A Sonoma State University student has filed a grievance for religious discrimination after a supervisor told her to remove her cross necklace lest it offend another student. In the name of progressivism and tolerance, the cross must not be tolerated.

On June 27 Jarvis was working for the university’s Associated Students Productions at a student orientation fair for incoming freshmen.  During the event, her supervisor directed her to remove the cross necklace.

Sasser said the supervisor told her that the chancellor had a policy against wearing religious items and further explained “that she could not wear her cross necklace because it might offend others, it might make incoming students feel unwelcome, or it might cause incoming students to feel that ASP was not an organization they should join.”

“My initial reaction was one of complete shock,” Jarvis told Fox News. “I was thrown for a loop.”

Jarvis said she is a devout Catholic and she wears the cross as a symbol of her faith in Christ.

“I was offended because I believe as a Christian woman it is my prerogative to display my faith any way I like so long as it is not harming anyone else,” she said. “I was very hurt and felt as if the university’s mission statement – which includes tolerance and inclusivity to all – was violated.”

One suspects that if she had been in Goth garb or imitating Madonna’s cross-wearing habit, there would have been no problem. It’s not so much the cross per se that offended, it’s the values lived and expressed.

After centuries of Christendom it’s hard to imagine, but when the early Christians adopted the cross it was seen as offensive and scandalous by the culture around them. The cross was the guillotine or the electric chair of its day, a symbol of cruelty and crime and humiliation and fear. The early Christians’ reverence for it was seen as bizarre.

Now we’re a few years into a glorious progressive reign, and the cross is once again divisive and Christ, once again the scandalon. Congratulations, progressives, for turning the world clock backward a couple thousand years.

h/t Ace