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Texas Democrat Tweets Repugnant Joke Involving Abortion and Dick Cheney

State Rep. Gene Wu represents District 137, Harris County. The Houston-area Democrat tweeted this joke today, as the legislature’s special session gets underway. The legislature is reconsidering a bill regarding abortion and standards at clinics, which died in the first special session last week thanks to a combination filibuster and clock-killing mob tactics.


Pacemakers, open heart surgery and even transplants come to mind.

Wu quickly deleted his tweet and apologized, saying that he “hit Send Button faster than I should have.”

That doesn’t explain why he made the gross connection in the first place, wrote it up, made sure it fit Twitter’s 140 character limit, and then sent it out.

He appears to have committed a Kinsleyan gaffe, in which a politician says what they are really thinking.

Update: It’s a safe bet that Houston’s local TV media won’t cover Wu’s disgusting tweet. He’s married to local TV political reporter Miya Shay. That’s not in her official station bio but does appear on her Facebook page.

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