Senate Passes Gang of 8 Bill 68-32

Yeah, they passed it. But it failed to get 70 votes, which was itself a come-down from earlier predictions that it might get 80 or more.

This bill is not a “historic” bill despite what the politicians and mainstream media say about it. It is all too typical of Washington’s idea of “comprehensive” legislation — they have not read it, do not know all that’s in it, and are trying to foist it on the American people who are largely in the dark about what it would do.


The House already says that it will not take up the Senate’s bill, but will do reform “it’s own way.” The House should do what the Senate has done with budgets that the House has passed during the Obama years, and shelve it entirely. Then it should focus on making the Democrats’ abuses of power their front and center argument that Democrat rule is corrupt, has failed and has made America a far worse place to live. Offer a jobs agenda and make emotion-based appeals that Obama’s economy and environmental policy are both hurting Americans killing the American dream. Force them on defense and show them no mercy.


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