Who's Up for a Perjury Scandal to Go Along with the Cover-Up in the US State Department?

Former State Department Inspector General Aurelia Fedensin alleges that senior department officials scuttled investigations into eight cases of alleged criminal wrongdoing within the department. One of those cases included Obama campaign bundler turned Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman. The IG’s unedited report looked into allegations that he often ditched his security detail to cavort with prostitutes, some of them underage.


Fox’s James Rosen reports that two senior State Department officials, Scott Bultrowicz and Tracey H. Maffey, were deposed earlier this year about Fedensin’s allegations as part of a lawsuit against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In their sworn testimony, both stated that they did not know about “any claims by a federal agency that DS officials have failed to follow proper procedures; and Mahaffey claimed not to know about any pending investigations into DS.” DS is Diplomatic Security.

But Rosen has turned up evidence proving that both had been fully briefed on the investigations in details.

Fox News has obtained meeting notes, draft reports and other evidence that suggest both officials were aware, at the time they were deposed, of a pending investigation into DS and its operations by the State Department’s Office of Inspector General (OIG). What’s more, both officials had been apprised of the OIG’s preliminary finding that DS did indeed fail to follow proper procedures in at least eight cases, and possibly more, because of “undue influence” and “pressure” brought to bear by senior State Department officials to halt internal investigations.

The evidence indicates the two officials were presented with those conclusions approximately 60 days before they testified in their depositions.


So the evidence strongly suggests that the two lied under oath.

Perhaps President Obama or Secretary of State John Kerry can take a few minutes from their respective efforts to disarm the United States’ nuclear arsenal and starting an air war in Syria to explain what’s going on in the US State Department.

Fedensin, meanwhile, says that two hours after she went public with her story, State Department officials showed up at her home to harass her and her family. Obama, Kerry and Clinton have all offered not a single word about this.


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