Taliban Excited to Continue Jihad from New, U.S.-Backed Doha Office

The Taliban justified their participation in peace talks as a formality in their continuing jihad to try to gain support in the international community as they try to return Afghanistan to its darkest burqa days.


Senior administration officials told reporters on a conference call today that President Obama supported the opening of a Taliban office in Doha, Qatar, as key to “an Afghan-owned and Afghan-led reconciliation process that provides an opportunity for there to be discussions amongst Afghans and a pursuit of a peaceful resolution of differences among some of the parties within Afghanistan.”

An official said the Taiban must meet the “end conditions” of breaking with al-Qaeda, ending attacks, and accepting Afghanistan’s constitution, “including its protections for women and minorities.”

Another official said “there’s been a lot of personal diplomacy” toward the Taliban from Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry.

The anonymous administration mouthpieces said “the U.S. will have a role in direct talks, but this is a negotiation that will have to be led by Afghans.”

“Everyone is aware that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has been waging Jihad and working tirelessly to bring an end to the invasion of Afghanistan and establish in it an independent Islamic government and has always utilized every legitimate method to achieve this goal,” the Taliban said in a statement. “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has both military as well as political objectives which are confined to Afghanistan. The Islamic Emirate does not wish to harm other countries from its soil and neither will it allow others use Afghan soil to pose a threat to the security of other nations! The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan wants to have cordial relations on basis of mutual respect with all the countries of the world including its neighbors and desires security for its nation as well as security and justice on international level.”


“Undoubtedly the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considers it its religious and national obligation to free its country from occupation and has used every legitimate method for this goal which it will keep on doing in the future. Similarly, it considers the struggle of every oppressed nation working for their due rights and independence to be their legitimate right because every nation deserves to secure freedom from imperialism and attain their rights,” the Islamist group continued. “It is due to these objectives that the Islamic Emirate considered it necessary to open a political office in the Islamic country of Qatar.”

Their demands include an agreement that “establishes an independent Islamic government.”

Taliban tweets today naturally displayed something less than a peace partner:




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