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Obama's National Labor Relations Board Gets Whacked In and Out of the Courts, Again and Again and Again

Either Obama’s hand-picked National Labor Relations Board has awful, terrible, pitiful lawyers — or, it keeps picking stupid fights that it is destined to lose.

Or both.

Here’s a look at the NLRB’s latest round of drubbings, follies and screw-ups.

RedState: Out Of Bounds: Another Court Smack’s Obama NLRB’s Overreach On Union Rights Posters

The National Law Review: Another Loss For The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) On Notice Posting Rule

Inside Counsel: 4th Circuit Invalidates NLRB Poster Rule

Washington Business Journal: You Likely Won’t Have To Put Up Pro-Union Posters At Your Work Site; NLRB Loses Again

The American Prospect: The Fourth Circuit’s NLRB Smackdown

And The Beat Goes On:

The Associated Press: Judge Rules NLRB Overstepped Its Authority In Portland Port Dispute

The Oregonian: Judge Michael Mosman Throws Out Ruling That Gave Port Of Portland Jobs To Electricians Instead Of Longshoremen

For Good Measure:

Law 360: NLRB Thumbing Nose At Noel Canning, DC Circ. Told

Last But Not Least:

The Washington Examiner: NLRB Defies First Amendment Ruling, Sanctions Newspaper

Did I say “last?” How about a little bit more:

The Washington Times: Home Invasion By Big Labor: Home Day Care Providers Would Be Forced Into Unions

The Washington Post: Do Private-Sector Unions Still Have A Future In The U.S.?

Tatler’s editorial reply: Only to the extent that the Democrats’ unholy relationship with government unions continue. And those unions should be banned.

In The States:

Napa Valley Register: Project Labor Agreements Give Unions Unfair Advantage

Michigan Capitol Confidential: Majority Of Fastest-Growing U.S. Cities Are In Right-To-Work States

Union Bosses Gone Wild:

National Legal & Policy Center: AFGE Local Secretary-Treasurer In Cincinnati Pleads Guilty

National Legal & Policy Center: Steelworkers Secretary-Treasurer In Tennessee Sentenced For Theft