Lefty Bill Scher: NSA Stuff Not Creepy Because Obama And Not Nixon Or Something

Whatever gets you through the night.

He’s got jokes too:

Let’s say you’re a liberal. Your inclination is to ward against authoritarian government invading personal privacy.


He is obviously writing from 1940.

Most of the article is BUSH BAD! NIXON BAD! MCCARTHY BAD!

He then has to justify his bad journal entry rationalization with something other than “It’s cool because Obama is just so dreamy” so he comes up with some tripe about technology making governtment abuses of such things less likely now, an opinion he is sure to abandon the second a Republican is inaugurated president again.

As expected, many lefties are now realizing that they’ve been criticizing The Lightbringer for a week or two and need to cover their you-know-whats before they have to start calling themselves “RACIST!” Scher used a bunch of words simply to say, “It’s OK because he’s doing it.”

This kind of delusion is to be expected from anyone who still doesn’t understand that McCarthy was right.


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