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That 10-Year-Old Girl Receiving Lung Transplant

Kathleen Sebelius could not be reached for comment:

A 10-year-old girl whose efforts to qualify for an organ donation drew public debate over how organs are allocated was getting a double-lung transplant Wednesday after a match with an adult donor was made.

Sarah Murnaghan, who suffers from severe cystic fibrosis, was receiving her new lungs Wednesday at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, family spokeswoman Maureen Garrity said. Murnaghan’s relatives were ‘‘beyond excited’’ about the development but were ‘‘keeping in mind that someone had to lose a family member and they’re very aware of that and very appreciative,’’ Garrity said.

No other details about the donor are known, including whether they came through the regular donor system or through public appeals.

If you don’t like the way organ transplants are decided but haven’t signed your donor card, may I suggest you do so as a temporary patch on the problem?