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Senate Votes to Move Forward on Immigration Bill

The lopsided initial vote looks scary, mostly because it is.

In the Senate, Republicans who forced the procedural step that required at least 60 votes to launch debate on the immigration bill joined Democrats to easily surpass the threshold.

The final tally was 82-15, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid warned that some Republicans had no intention of supporting the measure even though they supported opening the formal debate.

The problem even with opening the debate is that it has been dishonest from the start. Democrats have no intention of securing the border. They and their disingenuous allies already claim that “the border is as secure as ever.” That’s a lie and chances are they know it. Many of the Republicans, like Rubio, McCain and Grahamnesty, have no intention of pointing that out. They’re going to stand by as opponents of the bill are smeared and demagogued.

We’ve seen this movie before starring McCain and Graham. Rubio’s joining their smarmy buddy pic is beyond disappointing.