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Huff Post Censors Comments

One of the great things about news sites like PJ Media and Breitbart is that they don’t censor comments on the grounds that the commenter criticizes the author of an article.  On the other hand, history has plenty of advocates for uniformity of opinion.

Add the Huffington Post to the list standing up against dissent.  I tried to post a comment to this Huffington Post story by Gerry Hebert.  My comment described Hebert’s past accusations regarding race relations and why he should not be considered credible.  Naturally, the Huff Post didn’t let my comment appear.

PJ Media has covered Hebert’s bad behavior and dishonesty here and here.


Hebert falsely accused citizens of Alabama of racial intent, and used the might of the Justice Department to bring a case against them.   He eventually lost.  But he just didn’t lose.  For starters, the court sanctioned him $86,626.24.  But it got worse for Hebert.  The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, after the lower court imposed the monetary sanction, ripped Hebert apart so badly that you’d think he’d never find work again, much less a venue to post more fairy tales like at the Huffington Post.  From U.S. v. Jones, 125 F.3d 1418:



A properly conducted investigation would have quickly revealed that there was no basis for the claim that the Defendants were guilty of purposeful discrimination against black voters…Unfortunately, we cannot restore the reputation of the persons wrongfully branded by the United States as public officials who deliberately deprived their fellow citizens of their voting rights. We also lack the power to remedy the damage done to race relations in Dallas County by the unfounded accusations of purposeful discrimination made by the United States.

We can only hope that in the future the decision makers in the United States Department of Justice will be more sensitive to the impact on racial harmony that can result from the filing of a claim of purposeful discrimination. The filing of an action charging a person with depriving a fellow citizen of a fundamental constitutional right without conducting a proper investigation of its truth is unconscionable…Hopefully, we will not again be faced with reviewing a case as carelessly instigated as this one.

That’s the Eleventh Circuit speaking to Hebert’s veracity, not PJ Media or Christian Adams. No wonder the Huffington Post doesn’t want anyone to know who it is they are presenting to the public as fair commenters on civil rights laws.