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"Obama — Stop Spying on Americans!" First anti-surveillance protesters confront Obama in Silicon Valley

That was fast.

The new domestic surveillance scandal was barely a few hours old when the first angry protesters were already out and confronting President Obama on Thursday afternoon during his latest fundraising trip to Silicon Valley.

Obama — Stop Spying on Americans!” was the most pointed and succinct of the messages outside a 5 p.m. fundraiser Obama attended at the home of millionaire Michael McCue in Palo Alto.

Obama Ignores U.S. Constitution — Targets U.S. citizens for DEATH — Spies on Americans — Wages Unauthorized Wars” read another sign carried by the small group of anti-surveillance protesters who joined a larger unrelated protest focused mainly on opposing the Keystone XL pipeline.

If there’s an upside to the ever-escalating scandals engulfing the Obama administration, it’s that they have finally united the country . . . in their distrust of the federal government.

(These photos are from a full report about Obama’s June 6 visit to Palo Alto which I’ll be publishing later today. Stay tuned!)